Campus Resources

There are a total of 15 lecture rooms with a seating capacity of 55 to 199, depending on the room. Their main purpose is for teaching large groups. They are also used to carry out exams and other written and oral tests, student presentations, conferences and projections, amongst others.

There are 8 seminar rooms with a seating capacity of 25 to 35. These are assigned for teaching small to medium groups, seminars and courses, projections, tutorials, work groups and postgraduate courses.

We have 6 computer labs, each providing a capacity of 25 individual placements.
Each lab provides: PC´s with updated adequate software, digital video projectors, individual internet access, etc.
The computer labs carry out specific theoretical and practical classes. They are also used to give student presentations of practical work and group tutorials.

There are 5 seminar rooms with a seating capacity of 20 to 30. Their intended purpose is for small to medium group teaching, seminars, student presentations, projections, developing work in groups, among others, etc.

The video conference room has an average seating capacity of 10 to 20. It is equipped with a computer and an audio video projector to facilitate the connection with other classrooms or even other universities or centres via an internet network. These are aimed at undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

The internet room has 75 individual computer placements with individual internet connection. They are not linked to any particular subject or discipline. Therefore, any student will be able to use the facilities in order to carry out works, exercises or planned projects or within his/her academic activity.

The Faculty has an Auditorium with an audience capacity of 510. The auditorium is well-equipped with audio-visual equipment and a sound amplifier, computer equipment, analogue and digital projection suitable for organising conferences, seminars, workshops and other academic functions.

The conference room is equipped with seats with writing flap, a presidential table and stand. It offers computer equipment and analogue and digital projection suitable for multimedia presentations. It is designed for conferences, mini workshops, round table meetings and formal events.

The library provides a reading room, individual student placements and direct access to bibliographical resources.


Wireless Network:
The Economics building provides a University wireless Internet network. All members of the University have free access to this service and are provided with a password linked to their personal email address by the IT support team of the University.

Network Teaching Resources- Apply to the support of any learning classroom activity through the use of technology such as “FAITIC”, ( a computer platform, used to enhance e-learning to provide students with flexible learning, and the presenter to give clear and complete instructions. Professors have their own web pages within the University web site especially created for the purpose of teaching activity.

Photocopying Service Centre- We provide a photocopying service centre run by an outside firm hired by the University.
Cafeteria and Dining Hall- The Faculty provides a cafeteria and dining area also run by an outside catering firm hired by the University.

Other Installations

Sports Facilities
We have the sports facilities next to the faculty. These comprise of a Sports Pavilion including Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball and Tennis; Athletics and Sports fields including Soccer field, Tennis courts and Athletic tracks; a Strength and Fitness Gym and a heated indoor lap pool Centre.

Shopping Mall
We also have a small shopping mall next to the Faculty. These provide us with services such as a post-office, a bank, a news agency, a book store, a stationary shop, a travel agency and a wide range of restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

Open Space
Students enjoy the open landscape architecture which combines the modern architecture with the natural surroundings. Students are often seen studying in their spare time in the open spaces of the campus, alone or in a group. This relaxing learning environment enhances the development of skills such as sociability, self esteem and learning styles other than auditory.

The presence of wild horses, every now and then, is also appreciated on campus.