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English taught subjects 2018-19


Course title: - Business Administration & Management        
Code Subject ECTS Credits  Type Year Semester
G020203 Business: Business Management 6 FB 2
G020204 Statistics: Statistics 6 FB 2
G020402 Investment Decisions 6 OB 2
G020502 Business Management 2 6 OB 1
G020503 Strategic Management 6 OB 1
G020601 Accounting Analysis 9 OB 2
G020602 Cost Accounting 9 OB 2
G020603 International Strategic Management 6 OB 2
G020925 Knowledge and Technological Innovation Management 6 OP 1
G020926 Advanced Financial Accounting 6 OP 2


Course title: Degree in Economics

Code Subject ECTS Credits  Type   Semester
G100102 Economics: Principles of Economics I 6 FB 1
G100202 Economics: World Economy 6 FB 2
G100302 Finance 9 OB 1
G100403 Statistics II 6 OB 2
G100501 Econometrics I 6 OB 1

Public Economics (Microeconomics knowledge required)

9 OB 1
G100601 Econometrics II 6 OB 2


1. What to do when arriving at the Faculty?
2. Which subjects can you choose?
3. How to register your subjects?
4. How many times can I sit an exam?
5. Have exchange students special academic consideration?
6. What languages are used in lecturing?
7. How are transcripts of results submitted?
8. Which services are you entitled to?


1. What to do when arriving at the Faculty

In this Faculty we offer Economics (Economía) and Management  (Administración y Dirección de empresas, ADE) studies.

As you enter the Economics building, you will find yourself in the main entrance foyer. There is a big white sign (beside the plasma TV) displaying classes schedules for Economics and Business Administration courses. Also, this information is available at our web site

For further information, please contact the FCEE Academic Coordinator: María Gómez Rúa, room 134, Este enderezo electrónico está protexido contra spambots. É necesario activar Javascript para visualizalo

2. Which subjects can you choose

Students may choose any of the subjects offered in our faculty. You are advised to contact your coordinator at your home university for orientation or a suitable study plan. At this page, you will find a description (Detailed or Resumed) of all subjects

(Note: Some courses are taught in first or winter term, second or summer term).

You will find all relevant information about timetables, classrooms and exam dates at

You must bear in mind this information when choosing your subjects.

Management Degree (Grado en Administración y Dirección de empresas (GADE))

Detailed :

 Note: please change the dates at DOCNET web page

Economics Degree (Grado en Economía (GECO))


 Note: please change the dates at DOCNET web page



Students are divided into theoretical and laboratory (practical) groups for each course. Theoretical group determines practical group.

If you have a learning agreement, you can find the timetables and classrooms in a whiteboard at the Faculty hall. Try to do your own schedule. If you have timetable conflicts, you must made changes. You will need to contact your home coordinator because you need her/his approval.

When you know your subjects and timetable, you can go to specified classrom. If the laboratory (computer) classroom is full, you need to ask for a laboratory group at FCEE Academic Coordinator, Jorge Vila.

It is also possible to take any course at any Faculty in the University of Vigo: Economic Law, Languages, Engineering, etc (as long as they belong to centres located in the same campus and provided that the schedules do not overlap). Also keep in mind that linked centres as IESIDE are not elegible for exchange studentes, unless your home university has an specific agreement with them. Registration for courses in other Faculties may also be carried out at our faculty.

The International Relations Office (ORI) will also informe you about linguistic and cultural subjects in both Spanish and Galician languages.

3. How to register for your subjects
As soon as you have been assigned to subject groups, you must register ("matricularse") for them. We recommend apply within two weeks after semester starts. Note that there is a deadline.

You can register for your subjects (even those from other faculties) at our Students Administrative Office (Negociado de Alumnos), going upstairs from the FCEE hall

Any modification to your list of subjects after they have been registered must be authorized by the FCEE Academic Coordinator.

4. How many times can I sit an exam
At the Faculty, we have two oportunities to pass a exam. If you have departure problems, you can ask to re-sit an exam before you leave Vigo. the subject lecturer can (or not) accept your request.

5. Do exchange students have special academic consideration?
Our Faculty applies a policy of equal academic treatment for all students. All foreign universities have been notified of this policy. Foreign students will experience the same privileges as our national students, regarding exams, essays, attendance, tutorials, etc. Therefore, students will must take into account from the very beginning that their exchange student condition will not give them a preferential academic consideration. Lecturer will not take into account the grammar and spelling mistakes foreign students may make on exams or essays.

6. Which languages are used in lecturing
Despite of the English taught subjects, all subjects are taught in Spanish; however, some teachers may choose to teach the subject in Galician languaje. In this case, students should not have too many understanding problems, as it is a language that comes from Latin and it is very similar to Spanish and Portuguese. For further information on this issue you can ask teachers for some materials in Spanish to follow the courses. However, if the student finds it difficult they can also choose an alternative subject given in Spanish or English (students may first inquire their home coordinator for change approval).

7. How are transcripts of results submitted
At the end of the course, the FCEE will send students by regular post a transcript of results to their home country postal address. They must not ask lecturers for individual transcripts of each subject or require filling in forms at their home universities.

8. Which services are you entitled to
In general, students are entitled to all the services offered by the faculty during their course study: library, free computer room and internet/Wifi, sport services, etc. Please see Faculty facilities at